Maquina Pasteles $275.00 plus Shipping

Collazo ElectricHaga sus pasteles estas navidades con la maquina pasteles tradicional echo de mano en puertorico igual que los abuelo’s did back in the day…

No hay nada como compartir en familia y preservar las tradicones de nosotros…

La caja de la maquina es hecha en galvanized steel. La holla y la canal por donde sale la masa son en stainless steel y el motor es de 1/2 caballo de fuerza.

Compre su maquina de pasteles hoy por $275.00 mas shipping & handling….

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Maquina Pasteles Features & Benefits

Maquina Pasteles Features & Benefits

Stainless Steel – Easy To Clean

Easy To Disemble for Cleaning…

Dont Gind your hands or get your hands tired from all the grating

As easy as turning on the switch

Easy access to put in the vienda’s

Lid Locks in Place for Saftey

Made by hand, the old fashion puerto rican way in puerto rico by puerto ricans…

Makes the perfect masa for your pasteles

Makes the Masa in Minutes, Not Hours…

Modern Look and Feel, So it even Looks Good in the Kitchen

Made to last… Theses maquina’s are built to out last you and be passed on to your kids…